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03 / Company Strategy

Independently of whether the entrepreneur requires a strategic realignment or an adaptation to market changes, the company and all its service providers should have a strategic direction. Angermann Consult supports you both with succession consultancy and in strategy development or the strategic growth of medium-sized companies.


Succession Consultancy

With more than six decades of experience in consulting and supporting succession situations in mid-sized companies, we know how significant this issue is. The life plans and potential of one’s own offspring, inheritance and tax issues, old-age provision for the current entrepreneur and a defined timeline are just some of the essential factors which must be taken into account.
To prepare the life work of entrepreneurs for the future in good time, Angermann Consult offers professional support for the entire succession process. This includes:

  • Development of a succession strategy
  • Succession planning
  • Implementation of value optimisation measures
  • Company valuation of operational business
  • Valuation of property and machinery

If a natural succession within the entrepreneur’s family or a management buy-in/buy-out is intended, Angermann Consult can support you in implementing this transformation process:

  • Organisational and management structure  
  • Initiation of a transfer of expertise  
  • Implementation of new structures and processes  
  • Further development of management and control instruments  
  • Creation of an advisory board

If the shareholders decide on a company or participation sale, Angermann Consult initiates an M&A process and provides support during the entire transaction.

Strategy Development

Future viability in the market and competitive environment can only be achieved for a medium-sized company if its management is aware of the company’s own market position and develops and continually refines a corporate strategy on this basis.
An analysis of a company’s strategic market position comprises the following points:

  • Product and service portfolio
  • Customer structure
  • Market development and sales
  • Competitive environment
  • Market trends

The success factors for the company in the market environment can be derived from its strategic market position. An important aim of this consultation is to define those measures for strategic refinement which are necessary to achieve a profitable market position in the long term.
Further options of strategic development, in addition to the organisational refinement of the company, are the strategic acquisition of companies or company shares to expand the company’s product and service portfolio, its regional market coverage or its internationalisation.

Strategic Growth

Angermann Consult supports mid-sized companies in analysing their strategic market position, as well as in defining their corporate strategy. The services offered by Angermann Consult for a strategic acquisition open up access to companies in complementary product and service segments, additional regional markets and new customer sectors.

The aims of strategic growth are:

  • Opening up additional regional markets
  • Acquiring new customer groups
  • Expanding the product and service range

Angermann’s range of services for strategic acquisition comprises:

  • Market research to identify suitable takeover candidates
  • Contacting previously agreed candidates
  • Performing commercial due diligence
  • Supporting purchasing negotiations up to completion of a contract


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