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The technical and structural requirements of real estate are changing ever more quickly. Whether it is energy efficiency, fire protection or the general requirements of a modern office workplace, each change to the framework conditions simultaneously shortens the life cycle of a property and therefore the intervals at which action is needed. Using a sound analysis, we can act in advance to counteract a scenario in which a property no longer fulfils the requirements placed on it, and therefore significantly reduce financial losses.

Distressed Transactions

Angermann Consult deals with the problems of properties in all situations across asset classes. For over 60 years, insolvency administrators and mortgagees all over Germany have commissioned us to analyse and find solutions and/or to realise properties from their proceedings. But even before insolvency, we are available to advise and help our clients in order to find the right solution for their property.

  • Process:
    • Data collection and entry
    • Analysis of the property
    • Price estimation
    • Creation of sales documents
    • Buyer identification
    • Contacting potential buyers
    • Implementation of a bid process
    • Bid filtering
    • Allocation of exclusivity
    • Sales contract negotiation
    • Notarisation


  • Our Objective:
    • Achievement of the highest possible purchase price
    • Creation of the greatest possible transparency
    • Targeted market placement


Portfolio Analysis

As a part of strategic property management, the portfolio analysis is an established planning instrument to achieve the greatest possible value appreciation for properties in the long term. Our overarching aim is to provide a transparent presentation of opportunities and risks for owners and investors and to support a value-optimised strategy.

  • Process:
    • Performance evaluation
    • Benchmarking
    • Development of future portfolio strategies
    • Cash flow analyses
    • Investment strategies
    • Analysis of the existing financing structure
    • Identification and evaluation of action alternatives
  • Our Objective:
    • Optimisation of management
    • Optimisation of processes
    • Cost reduction

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