02 / Revenue Growth

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02 / Revenue Growth

Increasing revenue is one of the essential challenges for company leadership. Adapting the processes to the market situation and optimising cost structures are important factors for success. With our services, which comprise a company quick check, controlling and process optimisation, we support medium-sized companies and guide them in implementing the derived measures.


Company Quick Check

The company quick check is chiefly intended to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company within a short period of time (approx. four weeks). The main focus is on the following aspects:

  • Initial economic situation
  • Internal structures, processes and systems in the company.
  • Control instruments which reveal the economic status and enable timely control of economic development
  • The adaptability of the service portfolio, market development and market communication to market changes.

With the quick check, the company receives a status, an integrated income and finance plan and a catalogue of measures with recommendations for action.


For many mid-sized companies, one of the most important tasks is to set up a controlling system which delivers control-relevant statements and provides support for operational management. For operational business, a thorough, integrated plan, a reporting system based on this, and regular control elements must be developed. For controlling to produce control-relevant information for operational company management, the following is required:Unternehmenssteuerung liefert, benötigt es:

  • Integrated company planning
  • An informative monthly report with target/actual analyses, which regularly reveals the current economic development.
  • A contribution margin calculation
  • A current presentation of the working capital development

The monthly report is used for internal company control, and also serves as an information tool for external stakeholders.

Process optimisation

It often becomes apparent that the development of management and organisational structures, business processes, control elements and IT systems do not keep pace with company growth. This means that internal efficiency has to be enhanced. In addition, today’s increased requirement profile necessitates the integration of customers, suppliers, finance partners or authorities into the respective processes in order to advance them.

When analysing your company, the following perspectives are relevant:

  • Organisational and management structure
  • Business processes
  • Control instruments
  • IT support

The aim is to identify efficiency enhancement potential in administrative, operational and control-relevant processes.

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